Sweet Life Hive Hosting


We are now accepting Hive Hosting requests for 2016.


Would you like to help off-set the precipitous decline in local pollinators by helping to establish additional honeybee colonies?


 Would you like honey bee hives in your yard, but don't have the time or the desire to care for them?


Would you like to be part of the solution by providing pollinators for the plants in your yard and neighborhood?


If you would like to help, but are not sure if beekeeping on your own is right for you, consider participating in our Hive Hosting program!


The Sweet Life Hive Hosting program places beehives in Jackson Hole and Teton County backyards and ranches. (Most of the County is eligible, with a few exceptions due to geographic limitations and high bear densities).


How Hive Hosting works:


Apply with us to have your yard accepted as being suitable for the Hive Hosting program.


Sweet Life will place one or two hives on your property.


Click here to see an image of a typical beehive.


Sweet Life will tend and maintain the hives for the entire enrollment period. (Bee hives will be removed at the end of season unless alternate arrangements are made).


What you get:


The pollination benefits of honeybees in your yard for the entire growing season.


Two 12 ounce jars of Sweet Life Wyoming Wildflower Honey each month during the billing season.


The satisfaction of knowing you're part of the solution to pollinator decline by taking direct action that benefts your's and your neighbors' yards, and helps to grow the population of honeybees throughout Teton County.


A "bee education" that comes from the opportunity to watch the bees work every day, as well as informative bee blog posts and interaction with an experienced beekeeper.


Special pricing and exclusive discounts on Sweet Life products. 


What you give:


The space in your yard to place our hives.


Permission for Sweet Life to manage the hives in your yard .


$150.00 per month during the billing season.* This includes the installation of one or two hives, harvesting of the honey, and end of season removal of the hives.

*While the hives may remain on your property until mid-autumn, the "Billing Season" runs from May through September.


How to become involved:


If you are a person who cares about promoting a healthy environment through your actions and would like honeybee hives in your yard, fill out our contact page. In the body of the email please include your physical address (this is the location where you would like the bees), your email address, and your best contact phone number.





We look forward to hearing from you!