Bees will travel up to three miles in search of nectar.

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Go to the bee, and learn how diligent she is, And what a noble world she produces, Whose labours kings and private men use for their use, she is desired and honoured by all, and although weak in strength she values wisdom and prevails".     

                          Proverbs 6:8



While not as apocalyptic sounding as the warnings about climate change, the disappearance of our pollinators is no less dire. 60-80% of the world’s flowering plants are pollinated by bees, 1/3 of world -wide human nutrition is due to bee pollination, and the world’s native pollinators are in steep decline. In Wyoming, the once ubiquitous Western Bumble Bee is now listed as “imperiled”.


Click here to see which common Wyoming garden plants can be pollinated by honeybees.

Click here to view a pdf guide to selecting plants in our region for pollinators.


Sweet Life Wyoming was originally conceived as a mission-based business to supply consumers with the finest 100% natural Wyoming wildflower honey. It soon became evident that folks were sincerely concerned about the struggles of the honeybee as a species, and the plightworld’s pollinators as a whole. Thus the concept of the Hive Hosting program was developed. Hive Hosting allows people, who are unable to do so by themselves, experience the fascination of beekeeping, and at the same time bolster local pollinator numbers. While Hive Hosting was not the original focus of Sweet Life, it is an integral part. The retail sales of honey coming from these hives supports the Hive Hosting program and thus helps to increase Teton County’s honey bee population. The hives in host’s yards also serve as an educational and outreach tool to get people involved in a local food system. The bees, the pollinators, the honey…it becomes personal for people at this point, because they have become stakeholders. The bees’ numbers within the county increase, the people hosting the hives get some honey, and their neighborhood’s yards benefit from the pollination.

Working together with concerned idividuals and their backyards, Sweet Life Wyoming produces a truly local food, here in Teton County, with help of people who are involved in the food process. This amazing product and our mission go hand-in-hand.


   1% for the Bees


1% of Sweet Life Wyoming's profits is donated to the University of Minnesota Bee Lab to help fund research and education.


About Sweet Life's Founder


My name is Michael Lamere. I have been involved with honey bees since buying my first colony at the age of 14. Today the bees are still as fascinating to me as they were long ago with that first hive. After living in Vermont for most of my life, I moved myself and the bees to Teton County. Here I discovered that the western climate and abundance of wild flowers was very favorable for quality honey production. 

My goal in creating Sweet Life Wyoming is to produce exceptional honey and honey-based products, and to promote honey bees through the Hive Hosting program and beekeeper mentoring.